Terms and conditions

Terms of Use of This Site

Jayem Learning Center has set out specific information on how you may use this site. You will also find details on how to share details of your experience with us.

Terms of Use

Users who are 18 years old and below must attain parental/guardian permission in order to participate and to use our service.
Jayem Learning Center strives to provide learning opportunities for people from different demographics in a respectful, equitable and inclusive environment. To this end, we expect all users to be respectfully in their language usage. Additionally, while signed into our virtual classrooms, you must ensure that you are at a workstation, in an appropriate and respectful space, particularly when your video camera is on.

Share Your Experience

Our goal at Jayem Learning Center is to make your experience with us a positive one, as such, we value your opinion. We welcome your comments; questions, suggestions and concerns, and details of your experience regarding the service you have experienced when contacting us about our services.